NUI Social is a Social Membership Network that combines the power of social media, along with the revenues of the multi-billion-dollar mobile apps industry, the products and services industry, and the influence of individuals across the world. This powerful network provides true solutions and real value to empower and reward those who are focused on achieving their dreams.

If you are interested to be part of this phenomenal program and many more click on: NUI Enrollment.  This will allow you to sign-up for the NUI Social program and be placed in the NUI umbrella.  This umbrella stands for various programs, all designed to help build your prosperity.    For example, there is a new program working with investing your money and building a future of prosperity!

Now, once you have signed-up, please send me -Alfred Shea- an email and I will welcome you further into this exciting program designed to generate earnings for today and the future to come.

To Your Success,
Alfred Shea

NUI Social used to be called Divvee Social




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Revolutionary Gold Currency

This is truly a remarkable new revolution!   This new revolution is providing a way for you to have a real gold currency that can be used in place of paper currency.   The exciting factor about this 24 karat gold currency is that it will maintain its value and most likely will increase.  When a person sees this new currency, it can easily be understood why there is so much excitement.

The company that I am referring to is called Karatbars International.  There are some real advantages when you work with this company established in 2011 in Germany.  Here are some of the advantages:

  • It has the lowest price in its gold class
  • Buy only one gram at a time – its affordable to own gold!
  • The gold is fixed in a two-sided laminated with UV protection film
  • Ultimate security
  • Pure 999.9, 24 karat fine gold
  • Can be used as currency – similar to a credit card
  • Can be stored or delivered
  • Join as a customer or an affiliate
  • Used gold bullion from LBMA accredited refineries
  • Operates in 119 countries around the world
  • Makes tremendous gifts!

Simply listen to the video to learn more about this valuable currency.  There are so many ways to benefit, including a strategy to make money online.   If you want to become a customer or an affiliate, please visit:


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Royalty Income for you!

I’m writing to you because I just discovered a project that is totally amazing!

The co-founder and former CEO of Priceline, Jeff Hoffman who just spoke at the UN yesterday about his area of expertise which is entrepreneurship is now the official spokesperson and advisor on the KulaBrands™ team.

Anyone who sees this has the opportunity to be a part of a grassroots movement called KulaBrands™, which has the very real potential to become the premier launchpad for creating the next household name brands of the future.

Here’s the 2 minute snapshot of our community project:

KulaBrands™ is a unique patent pending business model, which enables creative and talented, artists, inventors, and authors to partner with a community of like-minded people, who will support them in transforming their visions into reality.

There are THREE Key areas to focus on, in order for any project to be truly successful: Funding, Marketing and Sales.

Our business model, provides the Platform, for Ordinary people, and home based entrepreneurs, to assist project creators, in ALL THREE of these Key areas.

Funding, is dramatically more accessible now, through the mechanism of reward-based crowdfunding.

Relevant market exposure, is achieved by a hybrid, of our engaged community members, and our At-Will Automated social media Publishing software.

Sales revenue is driven by our highly incentive inspired community, through tried and true affiliate commission programs, utilizing high converting sales pages, as well as word of mouth advertising for success in both on and offline sales channels.

This allows us to Utilize the 300 Billion Dollar Direct Sales Industry to Leverage the Power of the 26 TRILLION Dollar Global RETAIL Market in order develop these projects into International Brands.

Technology today, is facilitating greater individual social reach and leverage, and when used to its full advantage, provides a Blue Ocean of opportunity, in which to monetize their activities. This will make it easier, faster, and more likely that a project will have a successful launch into the marketplace.

It is well known, that royalties are one of the ideal revenue sources in the world.
However, until now, royalties have been available only to a small segment of the population. The KulaBrands™ model is opening up an opportunity for large-scale collaboration, in generating royalty income for the masses.



To our collective success!

Al Shea


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Do You Have Your Quick Response Code?

With mobile phones or smart phones being such a common part of daily living, having a QR code can certainly be most beneficial. This code is one of the new ways to show information or communicate with our mobile phone devices. The more mobile phones are used, the more the codes are in demand.

To further describe this tool of communication, one simply needs to think of a square filled with lots of black and white marks, designs, and formations. When a person has a QR code reader as an app in his or her mobile phone, the reader is able to translate the black and white marks into the preferred URL or website, business card, or desirable phone number.

Now, why would anyone want such a code? Within this world of high speed, and convenience, the Quick Response code became a perfect match. Previously, the only way two people conversing with each other could maintain relationships after their typical meeting often rested on the use of a paper business card. That is if one had a card readily available to share. However, if the business card was not available, then the only option would be to hope that the person receiving personal details could remember all of the details chosen to be shared. Or, a person would find some paper with a pencil or pen and carefully wrote the details with as much accuracy as possible. These old fashion ways sometimes worked but, oftentimes, failed and left the person trying to stay in touch with only useless inaccurate information.

Today, instead of having to share complicated website addresses or URLs, phone numbers, or other vital information by paper and pen, the QR code does this critical step for you quickly or instantly with absolutely no errors. Suddenly, after the code is read, the person who desires your vital information has a copy of your entire URL, elaborate business card, or crucial phone information. This convenience of not having to manually remember or communicate this information to another person is greatly appreciated by both the giver and the receiver.

Fortunately, the QR code can be found in all sorts of sizes and places. Ranging from a small square inch to many square feet in size, the code has become a most desirable means of simple communication for numerous reasons. In my circumstance, a most desirable place for such codes to be carried is in the scrapbook of my smartphone. Or, if I simply want to show a QR code to someone, I can copy it onto a piece of paper and use it as part of a sign, brochure, etc.

QR codes are a tremendous way to communicate rapidly to anyone. One should simply remember the advantages of the codes are:
1. Convenience in sharing your information;
2. Instantaneous speed in obtaining all of your vital information;
3. 100% accuracy in sharing critical pieces of information.

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Smart Way to Make $ with Your Smartphone!


If you do or don’t have a smartphone and would like a real chance to make money on the Internet, this strategy is for you!  In March of 2016, this strategy, oftentimes referred to as the “silent salesman”, became available for everyone interested.  First of all, the heart of this silent salesman strategy uses a mobile friendly app on your smartphone.   When you use the silent salesman strategy, you are using your own mobile app on your smartphone.  Yes, you do actually receive your own mobile friendly app!  Instead of trying to promote or sell a program the old way, the silent salesman does the selling for you with your own mobile app.    This silent salesman strategy shares the important information from your mobile app with  your friends, customers, the community, or the world!  Plus,  you receive a free system that gives you an unlimited text messaging system for all your members, customers, and subscribers.   I must say that combining the silent salesman with your unlimited texting ability makes this strategy very easy to operate and very effective.

As soon as you join, you become a part of a 2×14 forced matrix!   This gives you the potential of receiving up to $36,353/month once the matrix is filled!  The only requirement is that each of us shares this amazing opportunity with two other interested people.  However, if these two people cannot be found, the fact that we have a forced matrix will assure us that eventually the two positions will be filled.  So, in reality, there is not any absolute or limiting requirement to find the additional two people, but why not? This opportunity is the greatest on the Internet!  Join the opportunity now at:

Since we all want to share this opportunity with, at least, two people, it makes sense that the originating company has chosen to call it: “I Can Get 2”.   It is an amazing network marketing company all about making money in network marketing. This company believes as I do in the importance of multiple streams of income.  It has been years since I have been as excited as I am about this – simple but yet eloquent and powerful network marketing company and I’m going to get behind it and place it into all of my sales funnels and marketing activities.   Plus, this powerful network marketing company will be giving you free and top quality marketing training every month!

You can stand idly by and watch my team grow, or you can get involved now for only $14.95 and be part of it in a significant way.

Imagine earning money from me and those folks who I sponsor in the form of spillover automatically.  Spillover will happen, it has to happen, because the system is built that way.

Imagine having $36,353  coming in MONTHLY just as a result in having a full
matrix because you read this letter today and sometime and hopefully, in the not too
distant future, you too are there with me.

So whatever you do, don’t think of this letter as hype, don’t think of this program as some pyramid scheme, don’t discount it because it’s network marketing.  Network marketing is a way for the average man and the average woman who sells a service or product such as this program offers – that is worth its price despite the fact that commissions are being paid out on it through several levels – to make enormous sums of money for everyone.

This company, I assure you, will add to that list of people who become independently wealthy just because they took action and joined the right team at the right time for a very small investment.  Tap or click on the link above or below and welcome aboard:


Al Shea

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Cutting-edge business techniques


Are you looking for those cutting-edge business techniques to help you stay ahead of the competition?  These techniques are extremely helpful when a business is striving to build good relationships with new and established customers.  Businesses yearn to build that warm market of customers who automatically think of their particular business when their service or product is desired.  So much time and effort is given in establishing that initial relationship that it really makes sense to stay in touch and maintain a healthy business relationship.   I would like to mention five affordable tools or techniques that can certainly assist a business in acquiring new customers and staying in-touch with  customers, especially in today’s mobile market place.

The first tool is the smartphone app with a custom mini-website.   This tool can certainly make you easily accessible to your customers.  When your service or product is desired, all the customer needs to do is reach for his or her smartphone and click your smartphone app.   Your smartphone app immediately opens the mini-website all about your business.   On the website you can provide special announcements, special offers, photos, or just about any type of information you want to share with your business associates or customers.  This mini-website can be easily updated whenever desired   Plus, you can do unlimited texting to your customers whenever you choose.

The second tool is a guaranteed placement of your business on the first page of Google!  In this day of high-paced businesses and customers, there is little time to find a reference book, such as, the yellow pages, to locate a business of choice.  Usually, the first step people take is to visit the Internet and place a search into the Google search engine.  Unless your business is on the first page, the chances of people choosing your business are greatly reduced.  So, the answer is to get your business on the first page of Google.   This  will make your business a preferred choice when potential customers use the search engine.

Third, each business needs to ask if their business website is easily read on a small smartphone screen.  If not, the customer can be quickly discouraged and not bother to learn about what you are offering.   When a website can be clearly read on the smartphone screen, the website is referred to as “mobile friendly” or a site that quickly loads and can be read with little difficulty.   Even today, many websites are not mobile friendly, making the sites so large that they are almost impossible to read.   The non- mobile friendly sites on a smartphone screen tend to cause substantial confusion and customer dissatisfaction.  However, having this feature of being mobile friendly is critical for customers attempting to learn about your business, especially for the first time.  This third technique of reformatting your website so that the website is easily read on the smartphone is most important when it comes to pleasing your customers.

The fourth tool relates to any business with a Facebook fan page.  This page is a common part of many large and small businesses, however, the time it takes to keep a Facebook fan page current and worth reading on a regular basis can be a real challenge.  Oftentimes, the page is not maintained and becomes of no interest to the customers.  This dull characteristic of your Facebook fan page is not what you want.  To overcome such a problem, a business needs to have a management service that will focus on keeping the fan page filled with relevant and exciting information.  The information inserted should be updated often and based on what you prefer.  Also, a social media management service should be most effective in keeping your page that fan page customers will look forward to visiting on a regular basis.   If requested, the management service should be able to update your fan page many times a day!  Yes, a business can make its social media presence a real advantage versus a daily chore by using a professional social media management service.

The fifth tool is designed to make the desire of obtaining vital business information extremely simple for everyone.  This tool is the QR code that allows a customer,  with a smartphone reader, to easily read the code and receive the information you are sending.  The QR code can easily send a particular website, a viral business card, or a special phone number.  So many times mistakes are made when a client tries to quickly copy long website addresses, phone numbers, or other important information.  With a QR code, it is assured that the accurate information will be received by all people reading the code.   Even a person with huge fingers and a small keyboard can be assured of receiving  correct information about your business!

Hopefully, any or all of these tools/techniques can be of assistance to you and your business.  Without question, the smartphone has become a business tool used by more and more people every day.   Putting the smartphone to your advantage simply makes good business sense.

Al Shea
For further information, visit: and

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Free QR Codes for you!


A free QR code or Quick Response Code is waiting for you by simply visiting the website at the bottom of this page.  Of course, you need your smartphone to read the QR code.   In addition, when you visit the website and make your QR code,  you will be entered into a monthly drawing for a free Apple iPad!   Every month a fortunate individual is given a free iPad for his or her enjoyment.    Hope that you will be the lucky one this month.

Plus, you can can make additional QR codes to meet your desires.   First, you will be able to make a QR code for your own personal or business website/URL.   Instead of having to have your website previously printed or having to verbally present your website, all a person or business has to do is use a QR code.   It simply takes a few seconds for the user of a smartphone to scan the QR code.  Once the code is scanned, the entire website is available to be seen on the user’s smartphone!

Second, you can make a virtual business card for yourself.  The virtual business card is obtained through the QR code.  This QR code gives the user of the smartphone the ease of quickly gathering your contact information you desire to share.  The days of not having that valuable business card are over.  Simply carry a copy of your QR code and have the person who wants your business card scan the QR code you carry.  You can do this as many times as you desire with the one QR code you carry in your wallet or purse.   The virtual business card or QR code can easily be shared with friends and family and you never have to worry about someone copying the wrong phone number or address ever again!

Third, there is the phone number option of a QR code.  By using a QR code for one’s phone number, the QR code goes immediately to your phone number.  It is a way to be immediately connected to anyone who gives you his or her phone number QR code.  One scans the phone number QR code followed by pressing the word “Call”.  The smartphone immediately dials the number and you will be connected to the person you are calling when he or she answers the phone.

It is amazing how often we are seeing QR codes in our daily lives.  Businesses, community centers, churches, individuals, and many others are all beginning to see how useful and convenient the QR code is when attempting to rapidly communicate with people in numerous ways.  I highly recommend that you try the free QR website and enjoy your codes.  Let the QR codes be of service to you!

Al Shea

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Keeping Yourself Young!

Hello Friend,

Are you ready to improve your health and live that life you deserve?  Some of the changes that many of us need are in the areas of nutrition and weight loss.   Finding time to exercise, drink enough water, and eat quality, wholesome food will, oftentimes, lead to the physical and overall health improvements you desire.

I love to experience a solid night’s sleep, rise with an energetic feeling, eat a healthy breakfast, and finish my morning preparation with some stimulating exercise.  Beginning my day with this healthy routine causes me to feel terrific and perform my best throughout the day.  This approach sounds simple, however, there are some important points to keep in mind to effectively use your time and get the results you want.

After people reach the age of 40, the body tends to start aging much faster.  Fortunately, the effects of aging can be slowed down significantly so that you can enjoy many more years of life.  If you gain unwanted weight, you can work out at a fitness center or gym, but still maintain roughly the same weight by reducing excess fat and building muscle.   However, by combining exercise, getting proper rest, eating  nutritious foods, and drinking enough water each day, you can create positive anti-aging effects within your body over time and increase your overall feelings of well-being.

For further info, visit:

Al Shea




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A simple approach to weight control


Over the last year, I have found a program that has allowed me to lower my weight, feel great, and accomplish this free of charge.   Actually, if a person can lower his or her weight as required, there is a possibility of actually being paid to lose weight!   Unfortunately, I have not met the requirements to be paid, however, I have lost weight and that is the most important point.

This program breaks one’s daily routine into three meaningful areas that really have an affect on your weight control, if followed on a regular basis.    The three areas are nutrition,
exercise, and relaxation.   In each area, I have found some very sensible ways to function everyday which are simple, inexpensive, and fruitful.    These three areas make a big difference in the amount of food one consumes each day.

When I think of the area of nutrition, here are the simple rules that I keep in mind:
1. Consuming only palm-size protein portions and fist-sized portions of carbohydrates;

2. Eating five to six smaller meals each day;

3. Drinking eight to ten glasses of water or tea each day – it has been shown that most types of tea can be a substitute for water consumption, while, green tea has the benefit of antioxidants that assist in fighting cancer;

4. Snacking can be beneficial, especially before a meal or whenever you feel that hunger urge.  Snacking healthy snacks like fruits, nuts, whole grains, or soups are healthy and reduce one’s hunger pains or desires to eat large quantities.

When I think of exercising, here are some of the routines I have practiced:
1. Working out four to six times each week – usually around thirty to forty minutes;

2. Doing strength workouts;

3. Working all major muscle groups;

4. Working with good form and intensity.

When I think of relaxation or recovering from the efforts throughout the week, I remember to:
1. Allow for, at least, one day of total relaxation, recovery, or rest;

2. Get a good eight hours of rest each day;

3. Keep a positive attitude towards life, helping me lower my stress levels.

Along with the above ideas, I strive to eat slowly and  not over eat.  So many times when I go out to eat,  I receive huge servings.    It is simply too much to eat all at once.  So, I usually plan to ask for a box to take the excess food home.  This way I only eat until I am comfortably full and use the excess food for a meal later on or the following day.   These various routines are practiced on a regular basis and have been a tremendous help in keeping me feeling healthy and my weight under control.

I hope you can see similar positive results to your health!

Al Shea




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Calories Make You Overweight – True or False?

There are several reasons that people become chubby. You really can never identify just one reason because everyone is distinctive and the reason one person is chubby will undoubtedly not be the same reason that someone else is fat. Some of the reasons that someone can be overweight are because of their hereditary, lifestyle and eating habits.

You can eat as often as you want and still not be fat as long as you are able to burn off more calories than you are consuming. In order to burn calories you will need to run and/or workout. Try to maintain a well balanced diet and eat several meals a day.

A calorie is unit that measures the amount of energy made from the food that we eat. Our bodies use calories to think, run, breath and basically keep your body running. The popular trend nowadays is to keep a journal, log, or record of the amount of calories a person eats in a day. Calorie totaling works! If you start counting the amount of calories you consume routinely and you burn more calories than you consume, you will reduce your excess weight.

Numerous people are just ill-fated genetically. If your parents and grandparents are chubby, you are more prone to become overweight than someone who has parents who are thin. A person’s lifestyle can also cause a somebody to become fat, if your firm has you sitting around on a computer all day then you are more probable to become chubby than someone with an active job. Lastly, if you hit up the gym often then you will be less likely to be chubby than someone who has never walked inside a gym. With that said, all of these individuals mentioned above can be skinny if they watched how many calories they consumed everyday.

Remember, even though you can remain skinny if you don’t eat and consume sufficient calories you may be doing more damage than good. Your body requires a certain number of calories everyday. A low calorie diet can lead to major health problems.

Also, all calories are not created equally. Don’t just put a load of junk in your body just because it contains a low number of calories or tastes good. Many sweet and sugary foods are bad for you and are considered empty calories. Empty calories hold no nourishment. Calorie counting can prevent you from becoming fat, but just because you aren’t overweight doesn’t mean you are healthy.  Exercise, eat balanced meals,  and don’t miss meals while counting calories and you’ll be skinny and healthy.


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